Where Every Reader is a Friend, and Every Author Approachable
Where Every Reader is a Friend, and Every Author Approachable

Author Masterminds Membership Terms and Conditions

Author’s Mastermind, an exclusive group of Publication Consultants’ published authors, is dedicated to assisting group members advertise, promote, market, and sell books. Members are authors who have published more than one book and are committed to selling more books by creating their personal platform. Members unselfishly share ideas, successes, methods, and means with group members. The group’s synergy produces a combined effect greater than the sum of the author’s individual efforts. As a result, members sell more books, increase their income from their written works, and have a more enjoyable experience of bringing their works to market. Membership is by invitation only! We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Author Masterminds.

Some say, “Profanity is the attempt of a lazy and feeble mind to express itself forcibly.” Author Masterminds do not have lazy and feeble minds and strengthen their writing by not using profanity and other bad language, including swearing: damn, hell, bastard, etc. Their works do not include sexual content—romance, yes; graphic sexual content, no. When romance and intimacy get personal, Author Masterminds fade to black like the producers of good movies do. Let the reader paint their own bedroom scene.

We trust that by applying for Author Masterminds membership, you confirm that your books meet these standards.

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