Writing Reading that Challenges More Than Insults

I've Been There, Done That

I Write From My Own Experiences—Consequently, My Fiction Is Better Than Truth

Here's a few comments from readers. This is what they said. I didn't say it--they did--however, I like what they say. If you read my writing I think you'll find yourself saying pretty much the same thing.

"Fun and funny to read, an irreverent glimpse into serious medicine and surgery. … an intense psychological drama about a world where nearly everything is crucial, and most of the reaction to the experience is the stuff of humor.

"… a character study of a man consumed with achieving success and rising up from miserable beginnings. The main character is not lovable and is not above committing fraud, abuse of power, adultery, betrayal and shameless manipulation of his friends, opponents, teachers, and co-workers. It is not a mystery, but the reader will not be able to put it down because of anxiety about what comes next.

"A kind gentleman towards the down trodden, a man totally accepting of diversity, and a demon towards anyone who crosses him. He has wives and lovers, very few friends and a great many acquaintances, a rich wife he turns into a shrew, and colleagues whom he helps to achieve greatness and those who rue the day they met him.

"I admit that I cried unashamedly at some of the most poignant anecdotes I have ever read; I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the stories are very real. The book has a compelling ring of truth."

Of Course it has a ring of truth. I just write it so you can be entertained and informed—and not be belittled and insulted. My stories will make everyone cringe at times, see pathos and dignity, amuse, educate, and perhaps even enlighten my readers. My up-close-and-personal study of the human condition led me to write my irreverent and intensely personal novels.

If you'd like to have a conversation with me you can always begin by sending me an email: carldouglassbooks@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.