WHAT: Author Masterminds is an easy online book platform providing you innovative tools for book marketing, publicity, and sales.


WHY: Get all the tools you need to make your book a success on this website. Our individual features each offer superior results, from samples that get more views, to easier and more effective promotions, through converting sales that place more money directly into YOUR pocket. Put them together, and Author Masterminds makes it easy for you take control of your content and do the things you need to do.
HOW: All you need is a subscription and an ePub file. Set up your account, customize your Author Masterminds Bookshelf, and start using the tools for book marketing, publicity, and sales. You collect sales proceeds, minus our payment processor’s fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (Author Masterminds takes absolutely NO sales commissions), and Author Masterminds handles everything else, including all customer service and technical support for your customers. About the only thing we don’t do is ship the book for print orders. In that case, you’ll receive the shipping information, an added few bucks for your trouble, and we’ll direct any customer inquiries back to you.