WHAT: Get a free full-service setup with any publisher plan!

  • Automated initial import of files.
  • Automated import of associated metadata.
  • Use default settings for preview length, related titles, and links, or customize.

WHY: Flexpub's sampling alone includes over twenty optional and recommended settings that when added together dramatically increase your marketing effectiveness. For larger libraries, uploading and adding titles, metadata, and configuring options individually simply isn't realistic. With our full-service setup, we take files and metadata from you or your distributor, and make everything easy. We want you using the tools, and can have even large libraries into our system, and you up and running, in a matter of hours.

HOW: Simply contact us to arrange a file transfer, which often consists of setting up a "channel" between Flexpub and your distributor for an initial bulk upload. Talk to us about unique needs, requirements, or arrange a free-of-charge training session.