Christian Fiction that gives Hope, uplifts, encourages and provides Entertainment at the same Time.

Hi and welcome. Whether you are looking for answers to life's hard questions or just want to find something relaxing to read, you're in the right place. My books provide both and more. I have learned life's lessons as I went, I have written about it to help readers find answers in an uplifting and entertaining way and hope to do more so with every next book I'll write in future, still learning, and having fun, as I go.


I have three books published by Publication Consultants: My Father's Will, The Bigger Fish and Man in a Picture. 

A few testimonials from readers:

My Father's Will: " ... highly entertaining. I can't wait for the follow up to see what happens next with my favourite characters".

The Bigger Fish: "If only every young person preparing to go away to college could read this book".

Man in a Picture: "I'm sure the writer cried her eyes out while writing this book, except when she was laughing. That's what I did when I read it".

Driving home from work one day I stopped by a red traffic light. From the corner of my eye I saw a man approaching me. He knocked on my window and with a pained expression on his face, he asked me: "Why did you kill xxx? Why? I loved her so much! Why did you kill her?" Then he smiled and disappeared among the crowd crossing the street. If only he knew how I tried for three weeks to find a way to save her.

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