There's a reason Amazon pushes Look Inside sampling. We've learned that two-thirds of visitors to a book's purchase or information page click to view previews. Now imagine having the most popular book marketing tool available customized exactly as you would want it customized — with links to your own website, related titles all written by you, and buy buttons that include an option for direct-to-reader sales that instantly put more of the money into your pocket. Our easy link-based system let's you share samples in emails, on social media, or add to any website. Previews open on any device with a single click, no special software or file downloads needed. All of this gets your content more views, engages more readers, and leads to higher, more profitable sales.

Author Masterminds was built to empower authors with a full set of tools to get their books more attention, the freedom to easily give digital copies for advanced review and promotional purposes, and the means to capitalize on those efforts with increased sales that put more of the money straight into their pocket.


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