An invisible battle is being fought around us.If we listen closely, we can hear swords clashing in the war for human souls.

Hello and welcome! If you are visiting me today, I bet you are looking for an attention grabbing supernatural read. My books are filled with eerie, spooky prose and circumstances. They are not the typical horror novel. So, if you are looking for blood and guts, just for the sake of blood and guts, you won’t enjoy these books. BUT, if you are looking for frightful stories in which ordinary individuals must face extraordinary circumstances and the supernatural, look no further.

 Holley Gerth wrote, “Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.” I agree. More importantly, I would add, "Try and write in a way that scares your readers a lot!”

 I’ve read hundreds of books, and like you, I’m an avid reader as well as an author. I am most interested by the supernatural and spiritual warfare. So much so that I read until I couldn’t find more Christian books on spiritual warfare. Then, I wrote my own.  In doing so, I wrote for someone more important than me—you my reader.

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 Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to meeting and associating with you.