Though They Come from the Ends of the Earth ~ eBook

A Novel of the Iran Nuclear Weapons Interdiction Project

Carl Douglass

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ISBN: 9781594334597

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This is the first book in the trilogy, The Trojan Horse in the Belly of the Beast, by Carl Douglass. The two young mental giants who dominate this trilogy could not have come from more different backgrounds if they had been born on separate planets. Though they come from the ends of the earth, the similarities between the two geniusesÑmath prodigiesÑare striking and of serious import to the deputy director of the defense intelligence agency of the United States. His task is to undermine and to interdict the secret Iranian project to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction--Project Jahannam Adur [Hell's Fire]. The effort to subvert the planned Iranian holocaust will eventually take more than a decade and a terrible amount of sacrifice, but it could avert a war with the potential to wreak more havoc and loss that WW I and II combined.


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