Heart of Abigail ~ eBook

A Lyric Novella of Juneau, Douglas and Treadwell

Rich Ritter

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ISBN: 9781594337123

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Weaving spellbinding fiction into meticulously researched history, Heart of Abigail tells the harrowing story of bonnie Abigail Sinclair, a young nurse who travels from Edinburgh, Scotland to Alaska in 1899 to work at the St. Ann's Hospital in Douglas during the height of the great gold mines of Treadwell, 700 Foot, Mexican, and Ready Bullion. Against a backdrop of authentic history, Abigail experiences her first true love, perilous danger, malignant retribution, and ultimate redemption as she confronts the deepest feelings of her own heart. Richly illustrated throughout with historic photographs relevant to the story, Heart of Abigail will imbue the reader with clear and intimate knowledge of the mining history of Juneau, Douglas, and Treadwell within the transparent fabric of a masterful fictional story.


Toil Under The Sun

The Perilous Journey Begins

Gathering of the Clans