Uncharted Country, Uncertain Future ~ eBook

News Channel Superstar to International Virus Fighter

Carl Douglass

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ISBN: 9781594334719

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Sybil Norcroft, M.D., Ph.D, F.A.C.S. leaves California under a cloud. She has been found innocent of a murder charge there but cannot be certain that she will succeed in her new profession as a Wolf News Medical Consultant. The health news story of the century falls into her lap, and the novice commentator runs with the story of weaponized Marburg virus, murdered pygmy slaves, and a world-wide manhunt for the perpetrators. Sybil succeeds beyond anyone's prediction, gains a new daughter in the Congo, and a host of serious friends and enemies who will be part of the rest of her life. She becomes a media darling and an accidental CIA operative. Sybil has to learn like never before how to keep secrets in the new and uncharted country where she now lives.


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