The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound ~ eBook

Golden Gate Bridge Disappearing Greyhound Bus

Steve Levi

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ISBN: 9781594336522

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How can a Greyhound Bus with four bank robbers, $10 million in cash, the contents of all of the safety deposit boxes and 12 hostages being follow by the San Francisco Police vanish off the Golden Gate Bridge?Ê The police are stumped so a specialist in impossible crimes, Captain Heinz Noonan, the Bearded Holmes, is sent to San Francisco to solve the crime. With the clock ticking, Noonan will have to unravel how the bus was able to disappear Ð and why there are still hostages if the money has already been stolen and the bank robbers have vanished. Ride along with Captain Heinz Noonan, the nation's foremost impossible crime sleuth, and see if you can solve the crime as fast as he does!


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