Murder in the Alaska Wilderness

Welcome to my page. I am an Alaska wilderness mystery author, and I would like to get to know you better. 

·       Are you attracted to mystery and adventure?

·       Do you enjoy novels set in the untamed wilderness?

·       Does the mystique of the Alaska wilderness appeal to you? 

In my world, I’m not concerned about being mugged or hit by a car. When I take a walk near my home, I worry about slipping on an uneven, rocky cliff or running into one of the 3000 huge Kodiak bears that live on the island I call home.

Wilderness is my reality; it’s what I know and where my novels are set. My mystery novels are different; they don’t take place in a quaint British village or a U.S. city. My novels are set in the middle of Alaska wilderness, where the environment is anything but calm and dignified.

 If you are ready to read a different type of mystery novel, my books will transport you to the middle of the wilderness where you must always be on your guard for wild animals, rapidly changing weather conditions, and humans who value their privacy at any cost.

 Start your adventure now. Take a look inside Murder Over Kodiak.

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