My motto is simple: “If you do not have something unique, you have nothing.”

Every book I write is unique; different from every book I’ve ever read. My impossible crimes start out as impossible – like a Greyhound bus with $10 million in cash and a dozen hostages being followed by the police vanishing off the Golden Gate Bridge – and I make them possible while you follow along step-by-clue-by-discovery with my Sherlock Holmes-like protagonist, detective, Captain Heinz Noonan.

Even more important, you discover the truth as fast as the detective, but are as confused as the detective right until the very last page. My books are historically accurate, factually solid crime stories that are unpredictable with twists and turns to keep you guessing! I trust you will say after reading one of my books, “Well, that was different, exciting, unique; I can’t wait for the next one.”