T. Martin O’Neil


Ever thought of being a spy?

Spys have always had an aura of mystery. What really happens “behind the curtain”? Not all of the work of a spy, or intelligence field officer, is glamor or James Bond-style root-em up, shoot-em up activities Hollywood wants you to think they are. In fact, such activities are extremely few and far between.
I lived the life of an intelligence field officer for more than 35 years. My wife and children know often I came home with regular work hours and spoke nothing about what I did or was doing. That is fortunately the true life of most intelligence field officers. However, when things became extremely challenging in my life, they were hairy. Yes, I’ve had more than enough shots fired in anger at me. Yes, I’ve fired back. Oddly, the sound of a gunshot aimed at you and missing is not what you see on TV or from Hollywood.
95% of the life of an intelligence field officer is paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. It’s that other 5% that I write about in my books. Perhaps I should expand on that statement. 4% of the 5% is still classified, but the 1% will get your attention. Recent downgrading of classified information makes these books possible. You will accompany me behind the cloak of secrecy to relive the life of a real spy. This is not Hollywood’s lame misrepresentation of the actual worlds of intelligence gathering or even Special Warfare. These events happened. The only thing that is different is the names of actual operators, the actual precise locations or the exact times. These, the Navy insists will keep me out of court and out of jail. Let me know how you enjoy them. Email me at marty@martyoneil.com. I’ll be more than happy to respond.

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