Dog's Best Friend

Learning something new entices me to read, but sometimes I enjoy a book that just entertains. My books are written to be both informative and entertaining. 

• Are you a dog lover?
• Is your dog a part of your family and included on vacation?
• Do the words camping and dog’s best friend go hand in hand?
• Have you ever considered a road trip on the Alaska Highway, and continued in the last frontier?

Readers of Alaska’s Savage River: Inside Denali National Park and Preserve get a non-fiction account of my time there as a campground host with my husband, and connections to the rich history of that special place. Road Trip with Remington Beagle: Michigan to Alaska and Back is a narrative by Remington Beagle of travel from Traverse City, Michigan to Alaska including sites along the famous Alaska Highway as well as many interesting places in the beautiful state of Alaska.