One of America’s Enduring Patriot Authors

The navy plucked me from the only world I knew, a small farming town in Middle Tennessee, and thrust me into scenes straight out of National Geographic. My limited knowledge of history had come from text books. Travels with the navy awakened my need to know the whole story—an accounting of times past not taught in school. My post navy wanderlust took me far beyond pictures in books—the real world became my classroom.

My thirst for knowledge took me to more than thirties countries and required me to stand on the very spot where mythology teaches us European history began. From the hillside Capital of Liguria I looked out over the once known Republic of Genoa where Columbus set sail for Japan and made landfall in the new world. I stood in historic Jamestown, sat in the House of Burgesses at Colonial Williamsburg, and in Independence Hall where the seeds of freedom took root. During these experiences my mind would meld with those patriots desiring freedom at any cost. I knew their dreams and their fears—especially their fears. Through the joining of minds they required me to resurrect the insurance policy set in motion by the Founding Fathers—The Club.

"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death." —Patrick Henry